For over a decade I used the sports nutrition component of my initial Sports Science degree, substantially adding to this in 2020 by completing a Graduate Diploma [GDip] in Human Nutrition from Deakin University.

GDip is Level 8 of the Australian Qualification Framework… a regular degree is AQF Level 7, a Masters degree is Level 9 and Doctorate is Level 10. A typical Personal Trainer will operate at AQF Level 4 with about two-hours of formal nutrition training.

I am not going to ask you to drink turmeric lattes or kale smoothies. I’ll be using maths, physics and biochemistry to calculate precise figures and determine effective strategy. I can ‘show my workings’ for how much fat you can lose and in what timeframe. This will keep us both accountable.



Lifestyle and preferences allowing, I typically work with CSIRO diet and lifestyle programs. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation [CSIRO] is Australia’s national science research agency, so this means ultra-legit methods from an ultra-legit source. All methods have been peer-reviewed as safe and effective by independent scientists.

Some of these programs include:

*Total Wellbeing Diet*

*Intermittent Fasting Diet*

*Meal Replacement Programming*

*Low Carb Diet*

*Healthy Gut Diet*

Nutritional programming will typically be structured with an initial assessment, after which you will receive detailed feedback/notes and your program. We will typically review at day 7 and day 14 to ensure you are on-track early [the best predictor of progress is early success], moving to fortnightly and monthly as you settle into your program. Updates are included in the reviews.

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Other Strategies

If you are chasing a different goal then please contact me and fill me in on your situation. If I can’t help, or know someone better placed to help, I’ll point you in that direction.