I'm Andrew and I am your coach at Fit Science FNQ.

FSc FNQ is the home of safe, effective, evidence-based Health, Fitness and Nutrition programs.

I've been a fitness coach for 20 years, with 6+ years of university study covering sports science, human nutrition and exercise physiology. What I've learned is that there is no 'one-way'... there are many ways - finding what works for you is what's important.

OH - and I follow robustly tried and tested exercise and nutritional practices... not "the science".

There is a huge difference... you can crow-bar whatever the hell you want into "the science".

I like science. Not "the science".



My speciality is working with fat-loss clients. I really enjoy this area of coaching and my views and methods have changed a LOT since starting as a coach/trainer.

Clients will typically see fat-loss of 0.5-1.0kg per week, depending on how hard they go and how well they stick to the program. We accurately track food intake and activity to ensure you use body fat as a fuel every day. It doesn't matter if you choose low-carb, low-fat or a blended approach if we get the intake/activity measures correct - there is a lot of flexibility in this and maybe you'll even enjoy it!



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Hear What Others Have to Say

Andrew is excellent. He has helped me lose 10kgs so far, I highly recommend him. He is lovely and knows his stuff. 

Melanie, Gordonvale, Jan 2021

I don’t know many colleagues in the Health and Fitness world who have studied both exercise and nutrition at postgraduate level. Because of this, Andrew is able to expertly integrate dietary and exercise strategy. He is purely interested in finding the very best way for each individual client to get results, which is one of the reasons why during COVID we began collaborating with him from 10,000km away.

Johnathan, Amsterdam, 2021

I like how he is able to explain that complicated body scan in a way that makes it easy to understand, and sets out targets that make me even more motivated and focussed to stay on track and get my results.

Jenna, Cairns, 2021

The shopping list saved me so much money compared to what I used to spend on food, protein and other supplements. Andrew showed me how I’m getting even more benefit, but spending half as much. I’m 38 but feel like I’m 28.

Marc, Cairns, 2020

I’ve been frightened off by trainers in the past who go too hard, too soon. I hurt my shoulder one time and was too scared to do a push-up for years. With Andrew I found that I was learning rather than just doing. I am now really confident in how I look, what I can do in the gym, what I should focus on food/exercise wise and what is a waste of my time.

Tanya, Cairns, 2020

It’s refreshing to sit with a nutrition guy who isn’t trying to sell you products or preach about ‘the one and only’ diet. You can actually trust what he’s saying, and I work in recruitment, so I have a pretty good BS radar. 

Paul, Cardiff, 2020

Andrew did a health workshop for my team on fatigue management. No powerpoints, no lectures, no finger wagging. The guys were actually in-to-it and took something away from it that they have used.

Peter, A1 Mechanical, 2021

Andrew built a good rapport with the workforce and his three-tiered approach to health and wellbeing – sleep, diet and exercise – has had a response beyond our expectation, building relationships with stakeholders and achieving positive outcomes. 

Scott, Safety Advisor, Ernest Henry Mine, 2019

I saw a difference from the get go, with the way in which [Andrew] presented initially with the crews in safety meetings and the interest that generated. His approach to shift worker health is received well by the crews and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the uptake of the service by some of the “hard nuts” in the concentrator. 

Paul, Safety Advisor, Ernest Henry Mine, 2019



Cairns, Queensland

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